Ma Durga Shakti,Navratri,Tantric Goddess,Dasha Mahavidya Devi Wallpapers

Ma Durga Navratri  and Goddess Durga Wallpapers

Ma Durga is considered to be the supreme goddess or shaki of the whole universe as per the hindu religion.She is also the feminine force who is creative and fights the spiritual battles outsite and inside every human beiengs destorying the evil and demons inside us.

Durga puja is celebrated in India and all over the world especially in West Bengal with great fervour by the devotees of goddess durga worshipping her various forms in Navratri festival.According to Markandeya Purana the ancient sarcred scripture of India in hinduism talks about Devi Durga. She was divinly created as a warrior goddess to fight an asura or evil named Mahishasura.Durga slew Mahishasur in the war against evil and is named as Mahishasurmardhini.

Devotees of tantra goddess can download shakti durga wallpapers, pictures, photos, images for their laptops with windows 7.Her blessings can be achieved by bhaktas when they fast and worship for these nine days by ding sadhna with pure heart.Mata rani mantras,bhakti bhav maa durga songs and maa durga bhajans are sung to please the goddess of universe.Mother goddess durga, maha gauri, shailputri, skanda mata, chandraghanta, skanda mata, katyayani, kalratri, brahmacharini, kushmanda and siddhidatri devi.Nine Forms of Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms as trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara came together to create a powerful female goddess to defeat evil on earth.Durga is also known as Dasha Mahavidya according to shaktas in tantra who worship according to tantric rituals on these auspicious days.

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Durga Maa Images, Navratri Wallpapers

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Maa Durga mother universe symbol of divine powers


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